As a resident of Berlin, you know that the good times are far from plentiful. Our warm and fun loving energy only means that there are constantly people over at our house, eating dinner and having a great time. While our homes can definitely hold quite the crowd, there are few nights as enjoyable as the ones spent out on the deck. Regardless of if it’s a summertime barbecue or a cool night under the stars, our deck always seems to provide a great place for us to sit back and enjoy one another.


Because our deck is such a great place to enjoy one another, it only makes sense that it is in a great condition to where everyone can comfortably enjoy the deck. If your home’s deck is looking a little worn down, outdated or is in need of a repair, Cambridge Exteriors is the company to call.


Design The Deck You Want

No two decks are the same. While they aren’t like snowflakes, it’s impossible to deny that each homeowner uses their deck differently. We recognize that here at Cambridge Exteriors and that’s why we build custom decks for the Berlin area. From sizing, materials and design, we work with you to create your ideal deck.


What Separates Us

The team at Cambridge Exteriors is passionate about the progressive moves being made in the deck industry. From the materials to the designs, there are always plenty of changes being made. Where we differ from other businesses, is that we are excited about these changes. That means that our customers are always going to have the latest products on the market and will only have more options to choose from.


Call For An Estimate

If you’re ready to get your deck design on a roll, call our office today. We will help you set up an appointment to work with a member of our team where we will then be able to review your idea and provide you with an estimate. Our estimate is entirely free and will provide you with a clear cut idea of the price and time it will take to finish your deck.
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