Atco New Jersey has a community unlike any other. It’s not uncommon for people to be spending time with friends and family on weekdays, and it’s nearly unheard of for people not to be enjoying one another’s company on the weekends. While our home definitely does offer plenty of space to do this, why would we stay inside when we could be out enjoying the gorgeous weather of Atco?


We don’t mean out and about, we mean the comfort of your deck. Whether it be a barbecue with friends or a laid back night with your significant other, your deck is easily one of the most serene and exciting places to spend time with the people that you care about. Because we spend so much time on our decks, it only makes sense that our decks are in a good condition. If your deck is starting to look worn out, outdated or is in need of repairs, Cambridge Exteriors are the people to call.


We Build Custom Decks

No one deck design is going to suit the needs of homeowners across the board. We recognize that here at Cambridge Exteriors and we take that into account by providing you an array of materials and designs to choose from. We also know that one size, doesn’t always fit all. We work with you to truly create the custom deck of your dreams. Once we’ve sat down and covered all of the options, we go over exactly what will work best for you and your home.


Cambridge Exteriors Outranks The Rest

As a deck company, we find ourselves curious as to what new and innovative concepts and materials are being brought into the deck market. Because of that, we seek out new materials and concepts that could be the ideal fit for one of our customers, offering even more choices when it comes down to the wire. You will find tons of maintenance free materials and designs made to match your home, when you work with one of our team members.


Get An Estimate Today

Eliminate the stress and worry that comes with wondering how much a project of this size will cost. When you call our office we will help you set up an appointment with one of our experts so that we can go over your ideas and provide you with an estimate of what a project of that size would cost.
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